Our first Six years: from tiny beginnings to exciting developments

Submitted by vimal.kumar on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 16:35
Join Hands for greater good

Welcome to all new joiners !

Since the start of initiative in 2012 with a few friends and their families, Mandir has made excellent progress, and became a UK registered charity in April/2016, please take a moment to review our first official annual report until period end Oct/2017 available at the charity commission’s web site:


With numerous contributions of time and expertise along with generous monetary donations from community members, Mandir now has a decent balance in bank account to sustain these activities for benefit of wider community and become ready for next phase.

If you are wondering who do you get in-touch-with on anything in relation to mandir, please note at present following people meet weekly and contribute significant time and expertise to keep all day-to-day operations of Mandir on track with a lot of help from dedicated volunteers: 


1. Mr. Sunil Gandham
2. Mrs. Vandana Gandham
3. Mr. Amit Tripathi
4. Mrs. Radha Tripathi
5. Mrs. Ankita Mishra
6. Mr. Bala Telikepalli
7. Mr. Bhisham Dindayal
8. Mr. Pavan Haldia
9. Mr. Gautam Agrawal
10. Mr. Divakar Sriperambuduru
11. Mrs. Vipin Sharma
12. Mr. Vimal Kumar

We appeal for all possible help that you may be able to offer by joining a specific working group in progressing this project forward for the greater good.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch - if you are willing to organise a fundraiser for mandir, festival celebration, or have any concerns and queries or complaints.

You may contact any of the team members listed above.