Our Mission

Objectives of Bromley Temple Trust

  • To promote Hindu Faith, its doctrines, its scriptures and practice Hindu beliefs through assembly, worship and discourse.

  • To establish, maintain and manage a Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre for religious, social, and cultural activities for the use of the public.

  • To offer facilities for religious functions and for performing religious rites (as per the Hindu Faith) related to births, deaths and marriages for people of all faiths.

  • To provide a meeting place for Hindus and for others who are interested in Hinduism.

  • To advance traditional Hindu cultural activities, religious studies and performing arts.

  • To provide facilities for and actively co-ordinate social care, social interaction, friendship and goodwill among people in the wider community.

  • To form a charitable & educational organization to promote social, cultural, religious principles and practice.

  • To conduct educational programmes for children as well as adults based on Hindu values and traditions



  • Formed an organization which solely works towards the above objects, primarily to establish a Hindu Mandir and a culture centre in Borough of Bromley

  • Prepared a Constitution document for the organization

  • Formed a working group to spearhead the work and reaching out to like-minded individuals and organizations to form links and to have unified group to promote and make the initiative a success

  • Registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with Charity Commission (Registered Charity Number 1166773)

  • Bhajan/Keertan events, followed by Preeti-bhoj being held every month since July 2012

  • Organised major festivals celebrations every year since 2012 to bring together community  

  • Created digital presence (Website, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram etc.)

Monthly Prayer Evening at Bromley Mandir
A click from Monthly Prayer evening at Bromley Mandir
600pm to 800pm every month 2nd Sunday